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A summary page, such as this one, will appear at the end of each lesson. It will briefly delineate the concepts we learned in the lesson, as well as summarize the lesson's homework problems.

In this lesson, among other things, we learned:

  • how the course is organized,
  • where to find more detailed information about the course, including contact information, course requirements, and course deadlines
  • which links lead to special course materials
  • how to navigate a viewlet,
  • how to open a SAS program within the SAS application on your computer
  • how to save and open data files for use with SAS programs
  • how to post a message and read others' messages on a lesson discussion board
  • how to complete an on-line lesson quiz

Homework problems

Celebrate! This will be the only lesson in the course for which you will have no written homework assignment. Just be sure to take care of all of the other administrative details, such as getting yourself up and running on SAS, posting a biosketch, etc.