Lesson 24: The Output Delivery System

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In having come this far in Stat 483, you should proudly know that you've completed 23 lessons and are about to complete your 24th lesson! Every time we've executed a program in the preceding 23 lessons, we've immediately looked at our output window in SAS to find the listing output that SAS creates by default. In this lesson, we'll learn how to use the SAS System's Output Delivery System (ODS) to create other forms of output, such as HTML output that can be viewed by your web browser, PDF files that are formatted for high-resolution printers, and RTF files that can be easily imported into Microsoft Word. Along the way, we'll also learn how to modify the appearance of the output that is obtained by default from any procedure. Finally, we'll learn how to use the Output Delivery System to create SAS data sets instead of the default output from various procedures.

Learning objectives & outcomes

Upon completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following:

  • know that each output object is comprised of a data component and a table definition
  • know that the Listing destination is open by default
  • know how to use an ODS statement to open and close ODS destinations
  • know how to use the _ALL_ keyword to close multiple ODS destinations at the same time
  • use the ODS HTML statement to create HTML output from procedure output
  • use the ODS RTF statement to create RTF output from procedure output
  • use the ODS PDF statement to create PDF output from procedure output
  • use the ODS TRACE statement to learn the names of output objects
  • use the ODS SELECT statement to select just the output objects that you want
  • customize your HTML output with the STYLE = option
  • use the ODS OUTPUT statement to create data sets from procedure output

Our "to do" list for this lesson

  1. Read through the on-line lesson pages.
  2. Type up your answers to the homework problems that follow the lesson in a Word file named homework24_yourPSUloginid. That is, if your PSU user id is xyz123, then name your file homework24_xyz123. Upload the file to the Lesson #24 Homework Dropbox.
  3. Post any questions or comments you have concerning the lesson's material to the Lesson #24 General Discussion Board.
  4. Take the Lesson #24 Mastery Quiz. Remember two things: i) You have 20 minutes to complete the quiz, and ii) as soon as you hit the "submit" button, your answers are submitted and graded, and the quiz becomes closed to you.