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Course Overview

hypothetical greenhouse experiment

This is a graduate level course in ANALYSIS of VARIANCE (ANOVA), including randomization and blocking, single and multiple factor designs, crossed and nested factors, quantitative and qualitative factors, random and fixed effects, split plot and repeated measures designs, crossover designs and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA).

This course is cohort-based, which means that there is an established start and end date, and that you will interact with other students throughout the course.  Because of the cumulative nature of the course, it will operate one week at a time.  Lessons are not opened in advance to eliminate confusion and to encourage students to digest the material to fully understand each concept.

The major components of the course are included in a series of lessons, (links to the left). For each lesson you will be assigned homework problems to complete and hand in via a drop-box in the ANGEL course web site.

It is recommended that students read the lesson notes, read the text, then work through the homework.

There is also an individual project assigned later in the course which gives you the opportunity to select and work with an ANOVA data set from your field.

Finally, there are 3 exams which are spaced out through the course. The exams cover the major concepts and procedures that have been covered in the course.  The final exam in this course is proctored and is comprehensive.

It is very important for students to understand that the material in this course is critical to being able to use statistics in the real world.  This course provides the fundamental tools AND will develop problem solving skills through homeworks and exams so that students will be able to solve their own real world problems.  As a result, this course is beyond simply learning material in the course notes and textbook. Students who attempt to pass this course through simple memorization will struggle to be successful.