Undergraduate Online Course Overviews

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Why learn about statistics? Here are a few individuals with stories to tell!

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A number of undergraduate level courses in statistics are offered online through World Campus.  Some are recommended as part of the Graduate Certificate and Master of Applied Statistics programs. These courses include:

  • STAT 100: Statistical Concepts and Reasoning
  • STAT 200: Elementary Statistics
  • STAT 414: Introduction to Probability Theory
  • STAT 415: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
  • STAT 461: Analysis of Variance
  • STAT 462: Applied Regression Analysis
  • STAT 464: Applied Nonparametric Statistics
  • Statistical Analysis System Programming (STAT 480/481/482)
    • STAT 480: Introduction to SAS
    • STAT 481: Intermediate SAS
    • STAT 482: Advanced Topics in SAS
  • STAT 484: Topics in R Statistical Language
  • STAT 485: Intermediate Topics in R Statistical Language

You will find sample syllabi for each of these courses by using the links to the left.  You will receive an official syllabus for the course when it opens at the beginning of the semester.